DEAD CENTER Striking | Sweet Spot Golf Swing

DEAD CENTER Striking | Sweet Spot Golf Swing


At the core of golf, there exists only one object for the player – Land the ball where you want it to land.

Part of getting from point A to point B on the golf course involves striking the sweet spot of the golf ball with powerful consistency.

When struck just right in this fabled sweet spot, the golf ball will fly faster and farther down course, further than any other shot you hit that day.

More often than not, especially for novice golfers, not hitting the sweet spot with consistency creates frustration and disappointment that can last much longer than that single round of golf.

As taught through the GG Swing Method, George Gankas golf philosophy teaches consistency above all else when developing golfers beyond their existing skill sets.

George Gankas golf lessons seek to develop existing talents in a golfer while working to correct any of the deficiencies present in their swing through the GG Swing Method.

Gankas’ golf lessons teach that when a player can square their clubface at will, with a measurable control over their swing path, hitting the sweet spot becomes an easy task to achieve.

Many amateurs who are just starting out in the sport have placed a higher importance on cracking deep shots down the fairway, rather than focusing on hitting the golf ball straight, which will ultimately achieve the most consistent results in the long run.

While many players seeking to hit a fade or a draw will benefit from hitting off center shots, those who are simply looking to hit the golf ball straight must do so by controlling the gear effect at impact.

The gear effect in clubs that have larger sized heads will be increased, which leads many manufacturers to design curved clubfaces in order to combat this elevated attribute in their clubs.

The gear effect influences all shots on the golf course that are taken off center, which equates to the vast majority of shots any player will strike in a given round.

Most golfers strike 80% of their shots off center, but over analyzing this fact will only drive players crazy in the long run.

Found directly above center on the clubface, the sweet spot will deliver the most range on any given shot.

Many golf instructors suggest that players use a dry erase marker to create a small circle on the golf ball, making it simpler to determine if you’re close to hitting the sweet spot.

Once you’ve connected with the ball, take a look at the marking on your clubface to see if it sits just above center.

Most golf instructors will also suggest evaluating your stance when seeking to strike the sweet spot.

The proper stance will create the proper swing, which maintains a square clubface throughout, providing the player with a higher degree of control over where they connect with the golf ball.

Golfers must also ensure that the ball sits perfectly on the tee in order to connect cleanly with the sweet spot.

When placed properly, half of the golf ball should be just above the top of your driver while it sits on the turf.

Most veteran golfers never fathomed how important hitting the golf ball on the center of the clubface can be to building consistency.

With the assistance of modern technology, players are now able to pinpoint where they’re striking on the clubface and whether or not that location contributes to the development of consistent shots on the course.

As with anything in the sport, practice and experimentation will provide players with the best insights into the precision of their own golf swing.


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