Environmental Dredging Ponds, Lakes, Golf Course and Marinas Houston Texas

Environmental Dredging Ponds, Lakes, Golf Course and Marinas Houston Texas

Environmental dredging for pond maintenance, sediment removal, dredging golf courses ponds, dredging lakes, and dredging marinas has been made more efficient, less costly, and more environmental friendly.

Dredgit is a dredging contractor in Texas, located in the Houston area, in Magnolia Texas. You won’t find a more efficient, effective system to remove sand, heavy vegetation, silt, clay, sediment, and ash from your sensitive ponds – anywhere. They are revolutionizing environmental dredging using hydraulic dredges and a proprietary solids dewatering system minimizing water loss while protecting your sensitive environments. Dredgit’s environmental dredging does not disturb local wildlife or local commerce.

You simply have to see it to believe it!

Environmental dredging is truly green, with little or no impact on landscape. Our continuous, real-time recirculation system separates water from vegetation, fine and coarse sand, clay ash, silt and clay, while re circulating water within moments after separation.

The continuous, real-time dewatering process means you won’t have the liability of settling ponds, or deal with spoils areas, drainage or runoff areas or cope with large dewatering bags.

A new standard in environmental dredging.

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