Followthrough on a Precision Rifle – Instagram (1/2020)

Followthrough on a Precision Rifle – Instagram (1/2020)

Followthrough, to me, is defined as the continued application of the fundamentals of marksmanship until both the shooter and rifle have recovered from recoil.

Once that round goes down range the only piece of information I care about processing in my brain is where that little guy is going. If I start to move, take my face off the gun, or run my bolt all before I have not accounted for my bullet down range, I’m doing myself a disservice. Whether my target is 100 yards or 1000 yards, or if it’s moving, once I break my shot, every part of my body is frozen until I have accountability of my bullet so I can make the appropriate correction to get desired effects on my target.

Consistency breeds accuracy.

Rifles in video’s are custom built rifles with specifications below.

Rifle: Gunwerks Built 6 Creedmoor

Action: Gunwerks GLR Action

Barrel: Proof Research .243 Stainless Steel Competition Contour 1:7.5

Suppressor: Gunwerks 8IGHT

Brake: Area 419 Sidewinder

Chassis: Kinetic Research Group Whiskey-3 Gen 6 with Enclosed Forend

Optic: Kahles K525i SKMR3 LSW

Rings: SPUHR SP-4001

Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond Flat Shoe

Bipods: Ckye-Pods

Accessories: Short Action Precision 2-round holder

Bags: TAB Gear Small Rear Bag, Armageddon Gear Reasor Precision Game Changer