How To Avoid ANY Hazard on the Golf Course

How To Avoid ANY Hazard on the Golf Course


Defined as any natural, physical obstacle that a golfer must overcome in play, hazardous conditions on the golf course keep the sport exciting, unpredictable and frustrating – much like life itself.

A hazard does not conform to any specific size or shape, which surely creates many memorable moments for players.

Golf course architects devise these conditions into their design with the intention of creating a challenging and unique experience for golfers that will eventually play each hole.

The implementation of hazards into the design of modern golf courses help differentiate the playing experience from each other, but there can still be some poorly executed designs that will drive golfers insane.

Often these poorly devised course hazards have little logical purpose, failing to add any boost the appeal of the hole or provide any additional excitement for players.

Just as with any aspect of golf, George Gankas golf lessons provide direct strategies to overcome any obstacle on the golf course, whether the hazard be ill conceived or a thrilling addition to an otherwise ordinary outing.

As taught under the GG Swing Method, players are able to build an arsenal of golf swing adjustments, that can prevent falling into the trap that hazards pose instantly without fail.

Now that you have an idea behind why course designers maniacally place hazards in front of holes, we can begin to strategize ways around these tricky diversions.

One of the most common hazards that players face on modern golf course comes in the form of heavily vegetated areas, often referred to as the rough by seasoned golfers.

Sometimes slightly easier to deal with than sand traps and water hazards, vegetation on the golf course should still be avoided when possible.

If you find your ball has landed in overgrown portions of the golf course, getting into your usual setup will sometimes be next to impossible.

Landing in these rough patches on the course often makes golfers miss their shot completely, which does no favors for their handicap.

Sometimes this area of the golf course can appear deceptively natural, which will cause golfers to play the hole as they normally would, resulting in landing in a very complicated situation.

Keep your eyes open, evaluate each hole and by all means avoid the rough.

Did you think that the architect of your favorite golf course designed that beautiful waterfall so you could take a few snaps to share on social media?

Think again.

While water hazards will make any golf course a picturesque environment to play the greatest sport in the world, most water hazards are there to add challenge and difficulty to your playing experience.

As you near a stream or waterfall in play, you must tap into the reserves of your mental golf strategy to preserve and get through this hole as you would with any other.

Calmly reading and strategizing the conditions of each whole you play will allow you to tap into what you’ve already learned and practiced through the popular GG Swing Method.

Reach into your mental utility box of shots and pull out the best golf swing for this condition.

Become as calm and tranquil as the stream you’re hitting over can make all of the difference than becoming frustrated over a hazardous condition on the golf course.

So you’ve made it over the stream and out of the rough, now you need to keep an eye out for the most treacherous hazard in existence, the sand bunker.

Designed solely to add a challenge to an otherwise normal hole, working around the sand trap can sometimes be difficult for players that are playing on an actual golf course for the first time.

More often than not, golfers fall prey to the bunker through a lack of confidence in their mental golf strategy, rather than any shortcomings in the normal execution of their golf swing.


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