How To Drive An Automatic Car | Learn to drive: Car control skills

How To Drive An Automatic Car  |  Learn to drive: Car control skills

Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular, as they are easier and more relaxing to drive than a car with a manual gearbox. New technologies such as hybrid or full electric cars are better suited to automatic gearboxes, so as these types of car slowly take over manual gearboxes will eventually disappear. If you haven’t driven an automatic car before, the lack of a clutch pedal and different gearbox controls may cause confusion, so in this video we will show how to drive an automatic car.

This video includes;
* 0:05 Introduction
* 1:08 Automatic Cars
* 2:11 The Car
* 2:40 The Gear Selector
* 3:18 Park
* 3:36 Drive
* 6:02 Reverse
* 6:46 Manual Control
* 8:14 Neutral
* 8:40 Summary

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Car: 2019 Suzuki Swift
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Computer: Apple Mac Pro
Software: Final Cut Pro X
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