How to Hit a High Soft Flop Shot

How to Hit a High Soft Flop Shot

3 Simple Steps to Hit That High, Soft Flop Shot in Golf

Do you ever watch the pros hit those high, soft flop shots and wonder, “How do I do that?”

A lot of weekend golfers dream of being able to pop their flop shot ball up high and soft, landing it exactly where they want it.

Unfortunately, a lot of weekend golfers also assume this dream lies beyond their capabilities. As a PGA teaching professional, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a tour pro to master the high, soft flop shot. With the right technique and little bit of practice, you’ll finally be able to manage those tricky shots around the green.

I am going to share my 3 secrets to finally hitting those high, soft shots.

I’ll explain the keys to:
Proper backstroke technique
Downstroke feel
The overarching concept that ties it all together

Some of my advice may contradict tips you’ve heard in the past. But once you put these three tips into practice, you will discover that hitting those high, soft shots is not as difficult as you thought.

The Three Tips for Hitting High, Soft Flop Shots

Before we get into the three tips, it is important to understand one key concept: Hitting a high, soft flop shot is all about maximizing loft and bounce.

To hit a flop shot, you want to start with a high-lofted club. I often use a club with a 56-degree loft, though you could go as high as a 58 or 60.That said, it’s not all about the club.

Your technique makes a significant difference in achieving that maximum loft and bounce. In fact, the tips I am about to share with you are designed to help you do exactly that.

Tip #1:  The Backstroke

When you take a flop shot, the backswing is the perfect opportunity to add loft.

When I work with my students, I often tell them I want to see a “toe swing.” This means I want to see the toe rotate away from the ground as they swing back. By doing this, you add loft and greatly increase your odds of popping the ball high and soft.

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