Jon Rahm Golf Swing Analysis

Jon Rahm Golf Swing Analysis

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It’s no surprise that Rahm has found his way into the winner’s circle at age 22 when you consider he was the #1 amateur in the world for more than a year. At 6’2 and 220 lbs. Rahm is a powerful athlete who takes advantage of his size and strength to feature a short, efficient swing. Everything with Rahm revolves around his grip, which is one of the weakest on the Tour (can’t think of anyone weaker). He has a very quiet takeaway with just a bit of a right arm trigger that sets his elbow in front of him, then bows his left wrist right away and takes that wrist position up to the top where the club points way over to the left. Since the club is already flatter than the plane he drops his hands a hair, which as we have seen over time is usually a problem, but with his right arm position and the arms so far out in front of him he just uses his exquisite lower body movement to clear and create space for the right arm to move nicely in front of his chest. You won’t find a better impact position and sustain through the strike. This seems to be the way the modern swing is progressing: stronger players using less hip rotation in the backswing and creating tremendous torque between the upper and lower, allowing them to create speed without a huge arm swing going back.

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