PMP Exam Questions And Answers – PMP Certification- PMP Exam Prep (2019) – Video 1

PMP Exam Questions And Answers – PMP Certification- PMP Exam Prep (2019) – Video 1

Lot of people think that solving thousands of PMP exam questions and answers will be the deal breaker in there PMP exam prep program. I am not 100% convinced with this statement as PMP certification is all about doing the right thing at right time in right format. What do I mean by that?

Yes, I want you to solve PMP exam questions and answers but not with the mindset that PMP certification exam questions will come from a source “X” or “Y”. What I want you to do is to make sure you learn on how I am approaching to a particular PMP exam question and learn from it.

Do you want to know the PMP sample questions tricks and techniques which I will use in this video? If yes, then follow this step by step techniques:

PMP Practice exam: Step 1: Read all four answers before deciding

1. Lot of people make this mistake in their PMP exam. As you all may know, there are 4 answer choices for each of your PMP exam question. Don’t just read the first few answer choices and pick the PMP exam answer. PMP exam prep is all about selecting the best answer choice. One option may be good, but not necessarily the best. So always make sure that you are reading all four choices before selecting the best choice in your PMP exam based on PMP 6th edition.

PMP Practice Questions: Step 2: Read the end of the question first

2. So honestly I don’t recommend to read the end of PMP exam question first. However, if you are running short of time then yes, we will definitely recommend you to start reading the PMP certification question from the end. This PMP 6th edition training video will talk about that.

PMP exam questions and answers: Step 3: Don’t take the easy way out!

3. Trust me! Project management professional certification is not a rocket science. It’s all about hardwork and dedication. Do the right things from the beginning and don’t waste your time in doing unnecessary preparation for your PMP exam.

PMP questions 2019: Step 4: Use your instincts; eliminate wrong answers

4. Elimination Technique in your PMP 6th edition is my personal favorite tip. I always recommend my PMP exam prep students to not to look for the correct answer in there PMP certification exam. Instead, what I recommend is to eliminate the wrong choices, so that you can eventually get the correct answer choice in your PMP certification exam.

PMP certification training videos: Step 5: Take breaks

5. Its ok to take breaks. Lot of PMP exam prep students have a misconception that I won’t be able to complete the exam if I take breaks in my PMP certification exam. Honestly, I don’t completely agree with this statement. If you have followed a step by step approach in your PMP exam prep then you will definitely finish the PMP certification exam in time. Project management institute has not laid out any restriction on the number of breaks one can take.

PMP Certification: Step 6: Make the decision, be proactive, be Professional!

6. Always wear your PMI hat while selecting the right answer choice in your PMP 6th edition exam. Make sure you are following the code of ethics laid out by project management institute and making a decision at right time and following right processes.

PMP Training Videos: Step 7: Always follow the processes.

7. PMBOK 6th edition aka project management body of knowledge has laid out 49 processes for your PMP certification. Make sure you are always following the processes.

PMP exam prep: Step 8: Communicate directly, and as soon as possible.

8. Don’t try to hide anything from your stakeholders. It’s unethical in the eyes of PMI and we strongly advocate that.
PMP exam questions and answers: Step 9: Know the organization types.

9. Remember by default you should always assume that you work for a balanced matrix organization. Don’t get confused on what balanced matrix organization is, we will cover this topic in one of our PMP certification training videos.

Last and final step is to move to next video on PMI code of ethics and professional responsibility which is very beneficial for the PMP exam prep.

Now in this PMP 6th edition training video on PMP exam questions and answers, you have learned that how I am approaching to a particular PMP certification exam question, I challenge you in which I want you to take these steps and implement them, and then after you implement them, in the next 30 days I want you to leave a comment with your results. Because if you are not doing well, that means I am not doing something right and if I am not doing something right then I am not happy.

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