REVIEW: MK2 FX Airguns Chronograph – FPS Wars – Wedding From Hell

REVIEW: MK2 FX Airguns Chronograph – FPS Wars – Wedding From Hell

This is my 2nd video on the FX Chronograph, because this is the MK2, not officially but that’s what I am calling it. The App has had massive updates, just go onto the Google Play Store or iPhone App store and download it, it works with the first FX Chronograph version and beyond, PLUS now a bracket is included, and FREE brackets are available to those who got an original FX Chronograph without a bracket.

BC Update, I have already seen people asking for a BC function, yes, its is something being worked on. You don’t get everything on a first date…..or maybe you do….but no in this case.

VIDEO FIRST SHOWN ON AIRGUN 101 – days ago, so look it up on Google.

The Wedding bit is towards the end, enjoy.
Big THANK YOU to John ( he knows who he is ) – played the Vicar, and yes the out takes are hilarious.

Original Review

Air Hunters Channel

FX has listened to requests and criticism and now launches the MK2. The First time I have ever known a manufacturer to give free part upgrades, but am sure some will still complain 🙂

I am available for questions on a Live, tonight at 7pm – 7th Nov 2019, technology depending.

So that’s it, enjoy the video.


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