Should You Splay Your Left Foot at Setup – 60 SECOND GOLF TIPS

Should You Splay Your Left Foot at Setup – 60 SECOND GOLF TIPS

Hey guys, Chuck Quinton here founder of Here’s a common question I get asked all the time and I’m going to give you one my 60 second tips about it and that is should you splay your left foot out for right handed golfer at golf setup? So what we mean by that, this would be my feet being square, pointed straight towards the target line.
A lot of people ask is it okay or should you rotate this foot out? Here’s the simple answer. Do you have enough hip mobility, flexibility in the left hip to allow for enough internal rotation of that left leg to let you get to a follow through?
What does all that stuff mean and how do you know? Pretty simple. Stand up, take your left leg, put all your weight on your right foot and see if you can internally rotate your leg at about 45 degrees, to where your foot is kind of pointing at a 45 degree angle. Some of you may have a lot more mobility. Some of you may find you don’t have hardly any at all.
If you can’t rotate at least 45 degrees, then you want to allow your foot to rotate externally like you see here at address because that’s going to allow you to make a nice, smooth transition into the follow through and stay balanced without putting a lot of strain on your hip.
Rotary Swing is all about injury prevention. We teach you how to move your body correctly the way it’s engineered to move safely and powerfully to make a golf swing. If you struggle with any injuries or pain, or anything like that, anything that is golf swing related is almost always completely preventable. It’s just because you’re moving incorrectly.
So take a look at this bonus. I’m going to show you another really common golf swing related injury and show you how to fix it. —
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