The Golf Swing Speed Challenge™ Review

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge™ Review

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Just think. How good would life be…if you could hit your drives at least 40 yards further than you are now….and straighter too….

….and have your playing partners ask you how you’ve added so much distance to your drives?

What if the next game you played you were about 40 yards longer off the tee than you were the last time you played?

I know…sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, if that hadn’t happened to me recently I probably wouldn’t have believed it either.
Alex Gairdner

Alex Gairdner

My name is Alex Gairdner and I’m just your average golfer who wanted to hit the ball further.
The only 3 ways you can hit the ball further

1. Make changes to your swing technique and practice a lot.

2. Get custom fitted with equipment to improve launch angle, spin rate etc.

3. Increase clubhead speed

3. Increase clubhead speed
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You see, I work full time, have a young family and play golf about once a month but when I do get out to play I like to hit long drives.

But even though I’m young and very fit the fact was, I was only hitting my drives about 230 yards when I got out to play. I was not happy with that so I decided to do some research into ways to hit the ball further, and I found the following 3 ways…